Blue Light?

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Blue Light?

Blue Light?

Did you know that an average Singaporean spend more than 12 hours on gadgets daily?



These gadgets, which makes up computers, handphones and tablets emit significant amounts of blue light. Although the amount is only a fraction compared to those emitted by the sun, the amount of time these people spend on these devices as well as the proximity of these screens to our eyes is a cause for concern about the possible health risks to our eyes in the long term.


These health risks may also include an eye condition known as macular degeneration, which is a deterioration of the macula (which corresponds to our central vision) that can lead to permanent vision loss. Too much blue light has also been proven to cause digital eye strains.


One of the ways that we can manage this is by using a blue light filter on our glasses. Blue light filters relieves us of such fatigue and stress by preventing significant amount of blue light to enter our eyes.


To find out more about blue light filters and how it will benefit you, do drop by our store for an enquiry or book any of our services!



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Posted by Fengyuan Lee
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