Glaucoma, 'silent thief' of sight?

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Glaucoma, 'silent thief' of sight?

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible worldwide blindness.

It is a sight threatening condition, that is sometimes associated with high intra-ocular pressure, when the aqueous in our eye is not able to drain effectively, thus causing damage to the optic nerve.



Who does it affect?

Glaucoma usually affects individuals who are older (>50), have a family history of glaucoma, who are highly myopic or taking on some form of steroidal medications.

People who are diabetic can be more prone to having glaucoma as well.


How will it feel like?

There are usually two forms of glaucoma. The most common one is known as 'primary open angle glaucoma' where there are usually no symptoms even though the optic nerve can be getting damaged. Thus, it is widely referred to as the 'silent thief of sight'.

The other form known 'primary angle closure glaucoma', usually presents itself with many painful symptoms such as hazy or blurred vision, severe eye or head pain, sudden sight loss or blurred peripheral vision.



What must I do?

People with glaucoma usually have big cup disc ratio, high intraocular pressure, and narrow anterior chamber angles.  There is no cure for glaucoma, hence it is important to have a yearly eye examination done to be able to detect any signs of glaucoma.

No symptoms with good vision do not equate to a healthy eye, so, book an appointment with us today!



Posted by Fengyuan Lee
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