1 Day ACUVUE Moist

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1 Day ACUVUE® Moist
1 Day, 30pcs/box
  • SGD $56.00

DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® is the only daily disposable contact lenses with proprietary LACREON™ technology which locks* a moisture-rich agent that acts just like natural tears, into the proven Etafilcon A material.


As a result, your eyes feel fresh and remarkably comfortable, all day long!


Suitable for near or farsightedness


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Provides 88% of available oxygen to the open eye. Lenses are lightly tinted blue so you can spot them in your lens case and inserting lenses correctly every time

UV protection

Use a fresh pair of contacts every day for optimal comfort and convenience

One of the highest levels of UV protection available in a daily disposable contact lens


Exclusive LACREON® Technology permanently embeds a moisture-rich wetting agent, resulting in a fresh lens feeling and end-of-day comfort


LACREON® Technology forms a cushion of moisture similar to your natural tears to reduce friction and maintain moisture

Lens type: Spherical

Usage: Daily

Material: Etafilcon A

Diameter: 14.2mm

Centre Thickness: 0.084mm (-3.00D lens)

Water of content: 58%

Visible tint: Yes

Dk/t: 25.5 x 10-9

Manufacturer: Johnson and Johnson